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DKP menu not viewable to the rank specified

DKP menu not viewable to the rank specified
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I have taken the responsibility of running our guild website so i am kinda new to dkpsystem. I have one problem that i cannot get past and was hoping you or someone could help.

Due to low summer attendance we have opened our raids to another guild. Each guild is maintaining users and dkp for both guilds based upon who is sponsoring the raid.

We do not want to make the other guild accounts members so we are leaving them as initiates, one rank lower than member. My problem is that the DKP menu for our site is only viewable for the rank of member despite setting the minimum rank to initiate. I went into Admin | Menu administration | DKP and changed the minimum rank to initiate as well as the current standings, item prices, past raids, items received and raid analysis.

I am sure I am missing something simple. I do not believe the site is using the advance layout options.


Head to Admin > Security > Feature Access. There, you'll find a "dkpmenu" option. Make sure that setting is also set to the rank you need.

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