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Server Status

Server Status
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Server Status
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I am having a problem on my DKP Site (EGA.dkpsystem.com) getting the Ventrilo Status and Server Status to work.

1. The Ventrilo info is:
Name: Ministry of Silly Walks
IP: v17.hostventrilo.com
Port: 4639
PW: <Not listed>

It does not display any Channels or Activity. Should their be a field for password that will allow the Script to gather the information?

2. Server Status: I may be stupid, but I can't figure out where the "Custom Menu" Item for Server Status is or how to configure it when it is in the Menu List.
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It sounds to me like your vent host has some things configured that limit the output of the ventrilo_status program (this is an official program provided by the Ventrilo team). The only possible solutions are 1) calling your host and asking them to reconfigure it (or find out how you can reconfigure it), or 2) switch vent hosts (MOST vent hosts have no problem with the querying, but some simply have the configurations different, that conflicts with any and all vent status queries).

As for your Server Status menu, it looks like you have the menu set up right, you just need to tell the system which servers are eligible to show on that menu. If you head to Admin > Games > Games, then click [Servers], you'll see a checkbox labeled "Show on Menu?". Check the box next to each server you want to show.

It's all in the reflexes.

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