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Anub'arak and Twin val'kyr

Anub'arak and Twin val'kyr
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Grss is not recognizing these 2 bosses - Anub'arak and Twin val'kyr, also possibly faction champions.

I can charge people for the loot they have received from the 3 bosses, just cant give them dkp for the specific boss.

Sorry if this has been mentioned already, i did have a quick look on the first page of the forums but couldn't see anything about this problem.
I'll look into Anub'Arak and the Twin Val'kyr. With those encounters, do you actually kill the bosses, or does it end with an emote or something?

As for the faction champions, this is a known bug, and I have the same question for that. Is there an emote or something that would trigger when the bosses die.

As for not being able to award points for it, just make sure you initate a manual snapshot for them (/grss Anub or /grss TWin Valkyr or /grss Champions).

It's all in the reflexes.

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