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Scheduled Event - Raid Attendance

Scheduled Event - Raid Attendance
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This suggestion is for those that track dkp and their raids end late at night and because I am lazy by nature.

I think it would be a great efficiency to dkp trackers if you could have the ability to import the raid information & raid attendance from the events and signups on the calendar. As it stands today the calendar tracks the signups but has nothing to do with attendance which is the whole point of the signups. The process to track raiders and their attendance (for eq2) is far too time consuming.

On EQ2 you have 24 players on a raid. After each raid I have to read my log file with editpad to extract the data from the /whoraid command (The logfiles can be really large, especially if using Advanced Combat Tracking). I then need to create a new raid under raid attendance and select from the roster of characters who attended. We limit our site characters roster to main raiders only due to the fact that it is a pita to have to scroll up and down through 100+ characters.

I have read that you can import the text file with the /whoraid info, however i have not been able to make that work. In any case I believe the option to pull from the calendar signups would be a better solution because the data comes from within the systems sandbox already and the users have taken the time to signup.

Of course you would need to keep the ability to pull from the roster as it is because people are lazy and forget to signup. In my experience this is rare because we dock people dkp for signing up and not showing. This would also help to reinforce signups for those lazy guidies that do not signup for the raid.

Thanks for the time

That's not a bad idea (using the signups to generate attendance).

That said, the log-file-parser should work for you. Could you upload (in this thread) the log files that aren't working for you, and I can see what's causing the problem?

It's all in the reflexes.
well, I guess that answers my question. Navy Field has no log file nor even a /who specific to raid attendee's. I was hoping the event signups would auto fill the attendance when the event went active.

Along the same lines, have you checked out my event report view idea?

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