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Guild Transfer Can not edit Characters server?

Guild Transfer Can not edit Characters server?
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Hey Chops we server transfered from Detheroc to Aegwynn. I believe I changed the website game server and the roster server. However when I click on one of my characters it still shows it as being on Detheroc. More importantly when I click the edit button it says "You'll need an administrator to change the server for you" How do I fix this I kinda thought I was an administrator, but maybe I'm just missing something. It also seems like when I upload GRSS it has everyone pink all the time like I'm uploading to people not already listed in our current standings. Is this due to our individual server listing for each character or did I totally bone something up?
Here's the quick way to do it:

Head to Admin > Characters and Accounts > Characters.

Check the "Select all" checkbox (the one on the right above all the others).

Then choose "Change Server" from the drop-down box above.

Finally, select the right server and you should be good to go. All the characters will be changed to the new server.

It's all in the reflexes.

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