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Items Recieved

Items Recieved
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Items Recieved
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Is there a way I can query to see who has recieved the trophy of the Crusade without having to manually look through each raid.

I tried to do it by loot system, but it is only showing me last raid, I don't see an option to run it by date, OR EVEN BETTER BY LOOT ITEM!!!!!!!

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There is indeed!

There's a menu option that lists all the items received along with their point values, and allows you to click the list to see who all has received it.

On your menu, however, you've got it disabled. It's called "Item Prices", though you're free to rename it to something like "Items Received By Item" or whatever (and then renaming the current "Items Received" link to "Items Received by Raid").

Head to Admin > Menus > Menu Administration, then click [Edit] next to "Item Prices" and make sure to re-enable it.

Here's that page on your site (though, as I said, it's hidden from your menu)


It's all in the reflexes.

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