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Help with Full Domain switch

Help with Full Domain switch
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Chops, am I doing something wrong with my URL Forwarding?

I clicked on Full Domain like in the FaQ. On the Registrar's site I put in for the Redirect for all Public Domains assigned and set it to Permanent(301).

I'm not sure what I did wrong, but its forwarding straight to the DKPSystem.com site now.
I took the forwarding down til I hear back on this. The guild folks got disgruntled.

Let me know what I'm doing wrong or if you need other info. Its being done through Branzone.com as the Registrar.
What you need to do is set the "A Records" to that IP address. Setting it as a 301 redirect will simply redirect the browser as if you were typing into the browser address box.

In your DNS config, there should be a second to edit "A Records" - on Godaddy, it's called "Total DNS Control and MX Records." There you'll want to edit the "@" A record and set the IP to (leaving the "@" as it is).

Does that help?

It's all in the reflexes.
They keep tellin me to change the nameserver addresses, here's their reply to my request to change the A-records:

You would need to change the nameservers following these steps:

1. Login to https://secure.branzone.com
2. Click on Services > Domains
3. Click on the domain name.
4. At the bottom of the domain details page you will see the nameserver form, input the new hosts nameservers and click 'save changes'.

... GoDaddy was so much easier. I didn't pick who was used, hmmph.
Unfortunately, it sounds like your registrar doesn't support the functionality for A Records. They're looking for Nameservers, rather than allowing you to configure your nameservers.

You could look into setting up a free DNS service like http://www.zoneedit.com/ or you could transfer your domain over to GoDaddy or similar registrar (usually a transfer costs something like $10, but includes a 1-year renewal).

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks Chops, I always appreciate the help you give here.

I got them to open a link up where I could go in and change the A-records, which I did to the All better now! You're the best, man!

In an unrelated question, I can't figure out why but my news page has a scrollbar at the bottom but its the only page to do that (which I don't want). I thought it might be the size of the graphics on the page, but even taking them completely out kept it. I don't know where to look to fix that cause everything is in the CSS, right?

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