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OK so i belong to numerous forums on many different topics, and i have noticed that this is the first forum that does not give you the option to like alert me of responses to thread posts? And fix the problems with the email for private thread alerts... I just think it would help all concerned better manage there Guild members and there guilds...
There actually is that functionality, though it's not terribly obvious. The "Favorite" thread option will notify you of posts to that thread.

Granted, there are more options coming along those lines.

It's all in the reflexes.
As an elaboration, there are all kinds of email (or even SMS email - for sending shorter SMS messages to phones) in the works:

* Notify me of comments to pictures I've uploaded
* Notify me of posts to threads I've posted in
* Notify me of posts to threads I've created
* Notify me of comments on my blog posts (the blogging interface is due for an upgrade too, to go with this)
* Notify me of every post to the forum
* Notify me of all newly created threads on the forum

So, there are some significant improvements that are indeed missing.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thank you again Chops On top of it already, I think these features would help me a lot.

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