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event report view

event report view
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I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up before, but I can see a need/want for this for not only my site's usage, but a dkp mmo as well. For the raid/event signup be able to set it up such that the web account is signed up and not the individual character. And then on the administrative side provide a format template for particular events such that when a prepare/display is requested the event reporter provides you a list of a XX specified characters of XX type and so forth. For instance, you want to raid BWL and want to pre-specify 6 tanks, 8 healers, 4 cc, 18 dps, etc... the report tool can generate a list of characters from the web accounts that signed up that fulfill that templates request. You could even go so far as to say you have a 100 man guild and want it to generate 2 copies of that same report evenly distributing the levels of the characters between the two raids.

My particular usage would not be for a dkp mmo, but the underlying logic remains the same and is easier to visualize what I am trying to suggest.
I think this sounds interesting, but the implementation of it is significantly harder than I believe is practically possible. There are so many factors that go into deciding which character someone should bring to a raid: talents, build, skill with character, etc, that I wouldn't feel comfortable trying to do anything as far as automatic signups based on a pool.

Though, I may be misunderstanding your request.

It's all in the reflexes.
It would more be a basis of allowing the admin to create a custom filter and the sign ups that meet that criteria get sorted in a balanced manner to fulfill the report. I do understand the hesitancy though in sort of stepping in on a "planning a raid phase".

One thing I just thought of that may be nice to have even without this done first is a "score" value of sorts that guild leaders can apply to accounts/characters as a means of maybe filling a roster with the highest skilled players.

I don't think you're too far off my track of thinking on this though. It's almost like creating roster templates with rules specific to an event. Throw in that score value field and you even have a manner to put priority to better players.

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