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Frame Size

Frame Size
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Frame Size
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Creator Tibador
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Section of the Site Advanced Layout Options and CSS
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I would like to increase the frame size of the news section of our site and the entire website as i use a 32in screen and i have like 4inchs on each side. I've messed with CSS some but i can't fine the code that allows me to increase this frame. We would like to fit a larger picture of the boss kills in the frame with out the scrolling.

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That particular template is a fixed-width template, and as such, would require a fair amount of rework to update it the way you're looking to do it.

This can indeed be done, though, if you head to Admin > Layout > Advanced Layout Options. There, you can completely modify the HTML and graphics.

Without doing any HTML modification, your only alternative is to change your site to a different Drop-In Template.

It's all in the reflexes.
That said, for the boss kills, you could upload them to the gallery, then use the BBCode links to redirect them on click to the gallery, where users would then be able to see the full-sized picture.

It's all in the reflexes.

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