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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do I cancel?
Do you accept payment methods alternative to Credit Card?
Do I need HTML or programming experience to make a website with you?
I'm not receiving the Validation email to create an account, what's the deal?
How much space do we have to work with?
I just created my website. How do I begin setting up my site?
How can I get mydomainname.com to work with my website?
I have an idea for a feature to be added to our website. What can I do?
How can my guildies interact with the site?
How come I don't have multiple forums? What's the deal? What are these so-called "thread tags?"
How do I get my guildies' characters (or toons) on the Roster?
How do I schedule a Raid or Event?
How do I sign up for a Raid?
How do I choose a Pre-made Color Scheme?
How do I set up the Raid Zones and Destinations for my DKP System?
How do I use the GuildRaidSnapShot Mod with my DKP System?
Hey, I was in attendance at a raid, but I didn't get the points for it!
How do I put our Guild Bank on the website?
I don't like the statistics that are showing at the top of my site, how do I change them?
How do I make a loot system use "Priority Loot"
How does the "Priority Loot" process work once my DKP System is set up to use Priority Loot.
How do I add Ventrilo or Teamspeak Status or other custom Javascript to my site in a Menu?
My Ventrilo/Teamspeak host doesn't provide a server status script or the output from the server status script sucks. Can I still get my vent/ts status on my website?
If my website expires, how long will you keep the forum and dkp data?
I'd like to modify the source code myself to support X game or adding Y feature. What do I need to do?
Why is the DKPSystem.com website so plain looking?
How do I enter or record my DKP, both items and raids?
How much DKP should I charge for items or award for bosses?
I downloaded the GuildBank mod from Curse-Gaming and it didn't work. What happened?
What is DKP?
How do I link items from Thottbot or Allakhazam
How do I delete a character that I no longer want in the system?
What is the Forum RSS thing goin on there?
How do I see my Current Standings in my DKP?
How do I use Private Threads or Private Messages (PMs)?
I'd like to use the DKP System with non-guildies, how can I do this?
What kind of video support is available?
How much does hosting with DKPSystem.com cost?
Do you provide DNS servers?
So how does it work?
How do you change the subdomain?
How do I set my time-zone?
How is your Everquest and Everquest 2 support?
How do I set my website icon (or favicon)?
What does "Redistribute Points" mean?
What is "Learning" for on the DKP?
I wish to use eqDKP, NullDKP, or some other third-party DKP system. How can I do this?
How does the 30-day money-back guarantee work?
How do I use my system with Zero Sum?
How do I set access for different ranks?
How do I set up the Raid Progression menu on my site?
I deleted the GRSS snapshot, but it reappeared again! What's going on?
How do I edit the subject of a post to the forum?
How do I use "Quick Quote" on the forums?
What is the "Wanted Gear" section for?
I uploaded a Background, Logo, Bullet Image, Avatar or other image, but the old one keeps staying!
How do I change my menus?
What happened to "Dynamic Menu Items"
How do I make a Shout Box on my site?
What games do you support?
Not all my guildies are showing up on the roster, but they are in the system. What's going on?
Do you offer a free demonstration?
How do I pay for my service?
How do I change my Background or Logo?
I lost my password to log in. What do I do?
I'm having troubles logging out. What can I do?
How do I set ranks to have access to particular administration tasks?
Which mods do you support?
Do you offer a free level of service?
How do I make a blog?
How do I make item links?
How do I hide the IP address from the forum posts?
How can I use SuicideKings with your system?
I schedule an event and it shows at the wrong time on the Calendar. What's going on?
How do I change realms or servers on my site?
What available BBCode tags do you support? Can I make my own?
How do I set up an officer-only thread tag or forum?
How do I add music to my site?
How do I restore some data that was accidentally deleted (threads, posts, characters, accounts, etc)
How do I transfer ownership of a site to another member?
Why does my Teamspeak server status say "Unable to query channel list or client list"?