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Availability list needs to be roster and game based.

Availability list needs to be roster and game based.
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Availability list needs to be roster and game based.
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Creator Nomad_Wanderer
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Status Development
Type Suggestion
Section of the Site Characters/Roster
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Right now, the availability list/view shows mains/alts, but doesn't filter based on roster or game. Without that capability, it is difficult to use the availability tool in a multi-game site.

Please add Roster, and game to the availability filter view.
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Good call on that. Will get done.

It's all in the reflexes.
Any updates on this?

My guild has several rosters for completely different raid teams (casual versus progression, etc.)

I'm looking for work-arounds (like the perl script mentioned in another thread) in the meantime, and another reset of all the information including people that have checked the "does not change" box, etc., but the different raid leaders have told me that they consider the availability section, "almost useless," as it stands now.

This makes me especially sad, because a) the roster options were a selling point when we were selecting a site to host for us and b) filtering by a roster already in the system seems so very, very basic.

It's the only thing I get consistent complaints about for our site, so it really stands out from the praise for all the other things that are done so well.
Thank you for the bump. Sometimes I need constant reminders of what's top priority for folks, and in this case, this particular feature is long overdue for an update. I completely understand your frustration for this particular feature.

It's all in the reflexes.

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